Here’s what you can do on the Apple Watch without your iPhone

shopid=»article-body» class=»row» section=»article-body»> Now playing: Watch this: All the things Apple Watch can do without an iPhone nearby 1:33 The Apple Watch is, first Wholesale And Retail Replica Montblanc Pens (click through the next webpage) foremost, an iPhone accessory.
It might be even more than that eventually, a truly independent gadget, but a vast majority of its current core functions — making calls, sending messages, getting information, even playing any third-party games — require your iPhone to be on, have Internet service, and be paired with the Watch via Bluetooth or a shared Wi-Fi network.

If you’re thinking about getting one, make sure you know that. It requires an iPhone 5 or later, and it can’t even be set up without one.

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